• Global Alliance for Technology & Education (GATE) in Africa to host its first Networking & Awareness Session.





Global Alliance for Technology and Education (GATE) is a nonprofit organization that is bringing together a community of interest and creating partnerships to help improve the educational and technological challenges facing many schools in Africa.


Core objectives

  • Improve education and increase access to technology resources in African schools
  • Create and preserve partnerships with individuals, social groups and companies to foster the growth of technology and education in Africa.
  • Build a sustainable community by empowering entrepreneurs with knowledge, capital, and resources needed to succeed.


 GATE Model


GATE model is to create partnerships with a community to educate, train, and create sustainability in Africa.



GATE provides scholarships to students to gain education at all grade levels. After high school, GATE works with other organizations or partners to provide college education for selected students.



GATE empowers students by providing life-long skills in the form of technology training to students at all grade levels. Students gain knowledgeable and handy skills to become functional in the global economy.



GATE works with local governments, companies, and organizations to create sustainability by building incubator centers that selected students in grade levels 10 and above can work at after school or during the time off from school and gain hands-on entrepreneur skills and training to become successful.



 GATE Social Communities



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