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“…building an information society in which human capacity is expanded, built up, nourished and liberated, by giving people access to the tools and technologies they need, with the education and training to use them effectively.”


Kofi Annan,

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

About Us

Global Alliance for Technology and Education (GATE) in Africa is a nonprofit organization that is bringing together a community of interest and creating partnerships to help improve the education and technology challenges facing many schools in Africa.


The GATE has 3 core objectives:
Improve education and increase access to technology resources in African schools
Create and preserve partnerships with individuals, social groups and companies to foster the growth of technology and education in Africa.
Build a sustainable community by empowering entrepreneurs with knowledge, capital, and resources needed to succeed.

The organization is a global partnership that is creating an avenue for people with an interest in creating a change in Africa within the scope of education and technology to partner and work towards these causes.


According to UNESCO Institute for Statistics:
Less than one-third of children in Africa can read and write.
One-in-five children in primary school in Africa repeat the previous grade year.
More than half of all girls in Africa never enroll in school.


Without a doubt, there has been much awareness about the critical state of the continent and many have seen the need to take bold steps to help, but have repeatedly asked how to impact the “people” of Africa. How can one reach out and touch a life in Africa? These are the questions that the GATE seeks to answer.