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Africa is faced with a multitude of challenges that are disruptive to improving the educational situation. Some of these include:

Lack of Equipment
Lack of Space
Additional classrooms
School supplies
Teachers training, textbooks and, reading material
Rudimentary resources including textbooks, supplementary reading materials, teacher guides, classroom equipment and furniture, trained teachers and a secure and comfortable school and classroom physical environment are all part of a recipe for a substantial learning environment and many African schools lack these necessities.

Global Alliance for Technology and Education is committed to the growth and development of Africa’s youth. In addition to engaging in mentoring, education, technology and economic development programs, we feel it is important to aid in developing talented young African  students. Through gifts provided by individuals and corporate sponsors, GATE is able to provide scholarships to deserving students on an equal opportunity basis regardless of race, sex, creed, or religious preference.


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Books & Supplies

GATE is also launching a Nationwide Book Drive that is aimed at helping build libraries and reading centers.

  New and used books in all disciplines and subjects are needed for. In
addition to donations of classic fiction, non-fiction, photo collections, atlases, dictionaries and other resources, technology books are encouraged. Although this organization focus is on Technology, it is not limited to that purpose.

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Digital Library

This initiative involves the development of a Digital Library that will serve as the major source of research and access to information in schools.

Because many schools in Africa do not have internet access, GATE is partnering with other organizations to develop a Digital Library for publishing books, articles and resources that will provide students access to the resources necessary to succeed. The Digital Library will be installed on computers in the Technology Learning Center.

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Mentorship & After School Program