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GATE is committed to providing all students with the opportunity to be educated and learn the technology skills necessary to be successful. GATE is partnering with schools in the local communities to teach students and apply technology as a tool to invoke innovation.
Technology Vision
The organization is committed to educating students to become productive citizens possessing the competencies required for success in meeting the technological challenges of the future.
We have developed an education & technology plan to aid in integrating technology into the schools' curriculum.

The plan includes four specific goals:

All teaching staff involved with teaching students technology will increase their knowledge in the use of technology to be effective in training students.
GATE will integrate the appropriate use of technology across the curriculum at all grade levels.
GATE will coordinate and manage technology resources to facilitate maximum use and efficiency.
GATE will develop an infrastructure foundation through the means of a Technology Learning Center to be able to accommodate and adapt future technological advancements.
Technology Learning Center

GATE plans to build a Technology Learning Center in and around various communities to provide students participating in the GATE programs with the opportunity to improve computer skills, academic performance and prospects for future employment through access to modern technology and role-model relationships.


This center will be a showcase computer stations, training classes and advanced application instruction to learn computer technology that ranges from simple keyboarding to video production and application development.


GATE believes that a digital inclusion is not only achieved by giving people access to information – putting computers in schools or providing Internet access – but by empowering people to use technology and information to shape their own futures.

Free Internet for All
  Much of the world, it seems is taking little notice of the emersion of the immense use of technology in Africa. This is perhaps because Africa
has more pressing problems at hand than poor technology infrastructure. It  is easy to dismiss these discussions and technologies as lacking importance or as inappropriate in light of more pressing needs such as primary health care and aids awareness.
  GATE is committed to making available, through its partnerships network, computer labs fully equipped with computers, printers, networks, and access to the internet, along with well-trained instructors (that are most important) at locations such as schools, clubs, universities, and youth centers. Participants have the opportunity to access facilities and services at any time during the hours of operation.
  We are convinced, however, that there is no emerging use of technology that holds greater potential to indirectly and directly affect change in the above-mentioned areas and others than that of the Internet. In large portions of rural Africa the issue of getting “connected” is not an urgently important one, but  in the urban centers all over Africa, it has long since taken root as a high priority need for thousands. Internet cafes and public access centers are thriving in nearly every country and GATE is committed to making this a freely available service..
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Education & Technology Integration

GATE has an education & technology curriculum for students that will aid in teaching some basic concepts of computers, the internet and how they work. The curriculum will also teach participants how to use word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, and basic multimedia presentations.

  The curriculum will make use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc). This is aimed at helping students get a feel of computer technologies. The Organization primary focus is teaching and training students and teachers the use of computer and internet technologies.
  For a copy of the curriculum, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Computer Drive

This initiative is aimed at building the computer learning capacity in schools by enhancing schools with computers. You can help support us by donating new and used computers.

  Your donations of computers, printers, and other peripherals can help change the environment for which students in Africa study. Both personal and corporate donations are welcome.
  Stand-alone accessories such as monitors, scanners, printers, modems, or other peripheral equipment (e.g., cables, connectors, mouse pointers, etc.) are also needed.
  We deem it necessary to maintain certain level of requirements for the computers we receive.

PC Desktop Computers Minimum Hardware Specifications:

  Pentium II or higher Pentium-compatible CPU
64 megabytes (MB) of RAM (memory), 128 MB preferred
4 GB Hard Drive OK, but prefer 6 GB or more
CD Drive

Macintosh Minimum Hardware Specifications:

  Power Mac, PowerBook or iBook G3 or later

Software Specifications:

  Due to software licensing requirements, if you would like to donate a software application, you must donate the software along with the licensing key.

Erasing hard drive:


Once we receive the computers, we will reformat the hard drive to
insure that all data is erased before the system is delivered to the schools. We then install an operating system and application software. We will be installing Windows 2000 or XP operating system software
on all PC systems.