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With Liberia on the rise from a civil war that left more than 270,000 people dead, children parentless, and thousands homeless and displaced, the country looks to a new chapter in redevelopment and emphasizing on essentials like health, education, agriculture, infrastructure, electricity, water, housing and communications. However, with the limited resources available, the country is looking to the international community to assist in the rebuilding process.

The Global Alliance for Technology and Education (GATE) in Liberia is a part of the GATE network that will assist in the redevelopment process through technology training, scholarships and other initiatives.

GATE is engaged in a pilot program in Liberia through its partner network (GATE in Liberia) to provide 200 students that show exceptional performance and outstanding promise from 4 distinguished high schools with:

Academic Scholarships
Technology-infused curriculum
After school programs
  Monthly leadership workshops
Consider these facts from UNICEF:
The present ratio of girls to boys at the primary school level in Liberia is 40 per cent to 59 per cent, according to the Liberian Millennium Development Goals Report by the Ministry of Planning.
In West and Central Africa, almost one out of every two children (45 per cent) is out of school and most of these are girls in rural areas. Eighty-one per cent of children out of school have mothers with no formal education. Only 55 per cent of children of school-going age are in school.


Statistics on Liberia

Population: ~ 3 mil
Education: 57% Literacy
HIV/AIDS Prevalence: 5.7%
Poverty: 85% living on US $1.00 or less a day